Bruce Hornsby With Shawn Colvin: “Lost Soul”


This has always been one of my favorite songs by Bruce Hornsby, a gorgeous, moving duet with Shawn Colvin about a lost soul adrift between two worlds.

(An especially lovely touch: notice how Bruce and Shawn switch harmony parts in the first and second choruses.)

There was a man of confused ...


Loathsome Federal Drug Warrior Melinda Haag Is Retiring. California’s Cannabis Community Rejoices.

When Northern California U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag announced her retirement this week, the Bay Area's medical cannabis community rejoiced. 

Haag was a renegade drug warrior, shutting down over 600 state-compliant medical marijuana centers (she claimed they were too close to schools, parks, and playgrounds) and threatening their landlords with property seizures. She continued going after the cannabis industry long after the Obama administration had backed off.

But Haag's anti-weed campaign faltered in 2012 when she targeted Harborside Health Center, the largest medical cannabis retailer in the country. Harborside fought back and ultimately prevailed in court. 

For more on Haag's hideous record, and how the city of Oakland ended up joining the fight to stop her, watch Justin Monticello recent story on the topic: 


Vets find out VA hospital dumped their records with Social Security, personal info in trash

It took more than two months to notify veterans that their personal records which contained their Social Security and personal information were inadvertently thrown in the trash by the VA


Being presidential has been rendered meaningless in post Obama era

A lot of pundits be it in television, radio or print are questioning whether or not a given candidate can be perceived as “presidential”? My contention is this. Having elected


Obama’s partner, Iran’s leader, Khamenei, has written the book on DESTROYING ISRAEL

What do you want to bet that book is on Obama’s nightstand? It’s sure to be one of his favorites. The Ayatollah has looked smug and has worn a Cheshire


‘Puppy killer’ appears in court for hanging two Pinschers who weren’t ‘aggressive enough’

What do you do if your two bulldog/pit bull/bull mastiff mix aren’t “aggressive enough?” Well, if you’re this piece of garbage… A man who was charged with killing two puppies because


VIDEO: Steve Harvey called this the “greatest answer he’s ever heard” and his reactions are just priceless

One of my new favorite things on the internets are these videos from Steve Harvey’s “Family Feud.” Whoever had the idea to release them as clips was brilliant, and this


Video: ‘Free Inhabitant’ cries “rape”, threatens officer with suit and arrest during traffic stop

I’m not even entirely sure what is going on here. All I know is that it seems like a good argument for body cameras. In a video shared on Reddit,


Wasserman Schultz doubles down on stupidity; receives POUNDING on social media [Video]

Wasserman Schultz is just the gift that keeps on giving for the Republicans. She’s a weapon of mass destruction for the Socialists… er, Democrats. She didn’t just screw up once


Creepy! Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Browser Will Be Watching & Logging EVERYTHING You do

Over 14 million devices are already running Microsoft’s new Windows 10, but hardly anyone bothers to read the 45 pages of terms and conditions. The contract effectively gives Microsoft permission


Teen Thinks He Sees Drunk Driver on the Road. Then He Sees What the Man is Really Aiming For.

Caleb Martin, 18, was driving home from his job at McDonald’s in Tennessee when he thought he saw a drunk driver swerving on the road. It turned out it was


Newborn girl found alive in dumpster after 15-year-old mom gave birth & boyfriend ‘threw it away’

A man heard a loud noise outside, and saw a young man walking away from a dumpster. He walked over to the dumpster and heard a newborn infant crying. He


Donald Trump’s Campaign Fires Staffer Over Racist Facebook Posts

We may need a category named "Why Bother?" for this one, because the guy who's currently in first place in the GOP presidential field because the right wing base loves his outright xenophobia and racism has just fired a staffer for... outright xenophobia and racism.

Sam Nunberg allegedly wrote racially ...


VIDEO: Can You Believe He Knocked Him Out Like This?

A lot of fight videos are the same thing over and over; two guys throw punches until one of them gets lucky or someone breaks up the altercation. But this


Kerry peddles Iran deal to House: You can’t pass a treaty anymore. [Video]

Careful Kerry, your fascism is showing. As Rep. Reid Ribble grilled Kerry on exactly why the Iranian nuclear arms deal was not indeed a treaty, Kerry blustered arrogantly that Senate


VIDEO: Magnus Effect Makes Basketball Thrown From Clouds Do AMAZING Thing!

I’m going to shamefully admit that I’d never heard of the Magnus Effect before today. I do have to admit, however, that it does some pretty cool things to this