This Week In Quotes: 4/6 – 4/12

The real issue that all voters will face in November is this: Do I want to sign up for a repeat of the last four years or do I want a chance at something different?
The Reagan-Carter race was, according to the polls, fairly close until the end, when people finally stopped thinking about mere politics and started thinking about the real question: Do the last four years represent the best I think I can do? Am I getting full service on my checks?
The answer was no then, and it will ...


Real Moms of the GOP vs. White House SOP

The authenticity of conservative women has always been under attack by radical orthodox feminists, but perhaps not as brazenly as by someone with such direct and frequent access to the corridors of the White House message machine as Hilary B. Rosen.
The D.C. career lobbyist and Democratic media strategist took to CNN’s airwaves this week to craft a left-wing “War on Women” attack on the real moms of the GOP. Ostensibly aiming at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his “old-fashioned” views of women, Rosen’s mouth instead shot off in the ...


In battle for young voters, Romney should play it uncool

President Obama’s re-election largely hinges on his ability to play young voters for suckers — again — and whether Mitt Romney will let him.
In 2008, Obama won the youth vote by better than a 2-1 margin, 66 percent to 32 percent. Even more impressive, he actually expanded the share of young voters going to the polls by some 3 million. Those extra voters helped tip several swing states.
Obama owed his success to being a charming political unknown onto whom young people could project their hopes. His rhetoric was a hipsterized ...


Thank You, Ms. Rosen

Though everyone is talking about Democratic strategist and Obama confidant Hilary Rosen’s insolent remarks about Ann Romney, I want to discuss them, too, because they reveal her leftist mindset. Rosen didn’t misspeak; she spoke deliberately and with passion. And when given a chance to retract or soften her remarks, she doubled down — at least initially.
Her comments came in a segment on CNN with Anderson Cooper. Cooper pointed out that in the current economy, “women are seeing jobs come back much more slowly than men are,” and he asked Rosen, ...


Spot the Newest Low

The poobahs of our popular culture never seem happy unless they’re taking entertainment down to the “next level” of deviancy. When they undertake remakes of Hollywood classics — especially the comedies — that’s when you see how far we’ve fallen.
The forthcoming modern-day adaptation of “The Three Stooges” isn’t going to be a celebration of that iconic family comedy. The trailer features Moe poking the eyes of “Snooki” Polizzi from the uber-sleazy MTV show “Jersey Shore.” But that’s nothing compared to the real absurdity of 19-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate ...


Joe Biden hears cries of baby; vows to save child from inheriting burden of tax cuts if Romney is elected

**Written by Doug Powers

This week, Sheriff Joe made a campaign stop and empathized with the pain of an infant who was obviously concerned about the prospect of inheriting the burden of trillions in new spending possible future tax cuts:

“That’s another trillion dollars in tax cuts over the next ten years going to the top 1% of American taxpayers. [baby crying] I don’t blame her for crying. She is going to inherit it. She’s going to pay for it. That’s one smart baby,”

Biden later successfully convinced the baby to stop panicking about her future by instead focusing on things she won’t have to pay for if Obama and Biden are given another four years, such as the continued “spending of money to keep from going bankrupt.”

Personally I think the crying had nothing to do with tax cuts, but rather the baby had just learned that Al Franken is now considered a “leading legal scholar” in our government.

Click the pic to roll the hilarity:


**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe


War on Women: AZ Gov. Brewer Signs Radical Anti-Abortion Bill

Tonight, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed into law one of the nation's most radical right wing anti-choice bills: Brewer Signs Bill Banning Most Abortions After 20 Weeks.

Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill into law banning most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and making numerous other changes to abortion regulations.

The new law will likely go into effect sometime in July, depending on when the Legislature ends its session.

Supporters of House Bill 2036 say it protects women and unborn children, who at this gestational age may feel pain. Opponents say it strips women and their doctors of the ability to decide how to handle situations of fetal abnormalities often discovered later in pregnancy.

"This bill is about protecting maternal health and safety," said Rep. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix, who sponsored the bill. "When a woman has a later-term abortion after 20 weeks ... this exponentially increases the risk of death."

The conservative Center for Arizona Policy was behind the bill. Center president Cathi Herrod thanked Brewer for signing the bill into law.

"HB 2036 provides for the health needs of women considering an abortion, ensuring that women have all the information they need when making this life-changing decision," Herrod said in a news release. "Abortion not only ends the life of a pre-born child, but it also seriously endangers the health and safety of women."

But remember: according to the Republican Party's spinmeisters, that whole "war on women" meme is completely imaginary.


Duly Noted – Corruption

A paralyzing vice or inventive social self defense? It is elementary, that when you write about a term you should give its definition. In the case of corruption, we all know what is. This agreement does not help to get closer to a precise meaning that satisfies everybody at all times. Those that admit this [...]


North Korea Rocket Launch Fail

You may have already heard that North Korea attempted to launch a multi-stage long range rocket today, and failed, so here's a thread to point and laugh at me, because I admit I actually thought for one naïve, optimistic moment that the death of Kim Jong-Il might lead to saner relations with this rogue nation.

I should have known it wouldn't be that easy, but the bigger laugh is on Kim Jong-un, whose scary long range nuclear missile barely got off the launch pad before falling apart.


D.C. Escalator Nightmare

How is Washington, D.C. supposed to run the world when it can't
even fix its own escalators?

Strap on some steel-toed safety shoes—you're gonna need them—as correspondent Kennedy investigates D.C.'s dismal and
dangerous subway system.

Metro, the
sprawling 106-mile rapid transit system that serves 3.4 million
D.C.-area residents, is notorious for a lot of things, but
nothing so much as the squeaky disrepair of its 588 escalators. On
any given day,
about one out of eight moving stairs
are out of service. Yet
Metro's escalator and elevator maintenance division has a $22.5
million operating budget and 214 staffers, which works out to about
one employee for every four escalators and elevators

The grim history of Metro escalators runs like an endlessly
circulating chain of horror stories. In 2002, an escalator at
Brookland Station set a record by breaking down 147 times over the
course of one year. Poorly maintained escalators have led to broken
arms, lost digits, massive pileups, and multiple deaths. In 1991,
for example, a 25-year-old student from California lost the top of
his right foot on an escalator because a drugged-up schizophrenic
station manager at Dupont Station refused to walk 10 feet to hit
the emergency shut-off switch, though he did give vague
instructions to a noncompliant homeless man to do it for him. The
same year, a 15-year-old Michigan girl saw her pinkie toe snipped
by an escalator at Smithsonian Station.

When heading home from the 2010 "Rally to Restore
Sanity and/or Fear,"
some demonstrators boarded an escalator at
L'Enfant Station that suddenly started
as fast as a roller
, landing four passengers in the hospital. In 1985, a
three-year-old girl was strangled to death by an escalator at the
Minnesota Avenue Station and four years later, a 40-year-old woman
was killed when her clothing became entangled in an escalator at
Rhode Island Avenue. The advent of side brushes and better
automatic shut-off sensors have reduced accidents on Metro
escalators, but more units today are routinely out of service.

Why are Metro's escalators so bad? The problem stems partly from
a decision made 20 years ago. In 1992, Metro got rid of the private
contractors that repaired and maintained the system and started
hiring and training its own escalator mechanics. The rationale was
that government employees would do a better job for less money.

Partway through a planned eight-month-long maintenance project
that many riders assume will take far longer, the wisdom of that
decision remains an open question. would have loved to
talk with WMATA,
the government agency that runs the Metro, but it ignored our
requests for an interview.

Approximately 3.30 minutes.

Written and produced by Jim Epstein.

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North Korea rocket reportedly fails after launch

**Written by Doug Powers

The White House is expected to issue a statement about the launch soon. Former President Jimmy Carter is expected to deliver a letter of condolence to ‘Lil Kim shortly thereafter.

From NBC News:

North Korea’s long-range rocket failed early Friday, U.S. officials said.

The rocket broke up soon after taking off, the officials told NBC News.

“All indications are that it failed,” one official said but went on to say that they are still looking into it.

The White House said it would issue a statement, NBC News reported.

The launch, which North Korea’s neighbors and the West say is a disguised ballistic missile test, was to take a three-stage rocket over a sea separating the Korean peninsula from China before releasing a weather satellite into orbit when the third stage fires over waters near the Philippines.

Regional powers also worried it could be the prelude to another nuclear test, such as one the hermit state conducted in 2009.

Reports say the impoverished country spent around $850 million on the project, with another $5 million set aside to imprison any citizens who didn’t weep uncontrollably if the launch went bad, which appears to be the case.

Sources tell me US intelligence officials suspected a possible rocket launch after satellites picked up signs of artificial light in North Korea after sunset.

I’ve managed to obtain top secret video of the launch. It didn’t go well at all:

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe


North Korea Launches Possible Long-Range Missile, Possibly Fails

A country that can't even power

its capital city at night
, nor prevent millions of its citizens
from starving, may not be the threat that the doom and gloom crowd
says. Exhibit infinity,
according to ABC news:

North Korea's anticipated missile launch failed today after it
fired the long-range test rocket, defying U.N. Security Council
resolutions and an agreement with the United States.

The 90-ton rocket launched and there was a larger than
anticipated flare.

U.S. officials said that the missile is believed to have crashed
into the sea.

This launch, of course, is a
 move by tubby, 20-something leader Kim Jong-Un.
And predictably the international community soundly condemned
the missile launch
plans and suggested if the country didn't
back down, sanctions, censure, and serious international scolding
would commence.

But North Korea claimed that 1) this totally doesn't
violate the food aid conditions
and 2) this was totally not a
long-range missile launch test at all and it is actually just
satellite "Shining Star" launched in celebration of the anniversary
of the birth of eternal-president Kim Il-Sung. But also 3) North
Korea does what it wants, dammit.

Said ABC news:

The show of muscle put the region on edge, but Donald Gregg,
former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea from 1989-1993 and an ABC
News consultant, said he believed it was new leader Kim Jong Un's
way of asserting his power.

"The main audience for this missile is internal not external,"
Gregg said. "This is [Kim Jong Un's] way of demonstrating to the
people of North Korea he is in charge and his country is capable of
high tech things. It is a manifestation of his power."


Experts did not doubt the possibility of a satellite being
attached to the rocket, but feel the satellite is a cover to test a
long-range missile.

Gregg says Americans should relax, however, because North Korea
is crazy, but not crazy-stupid enough to attack the U.S. since they
could guess the end result. Still, nuclear fears are not entirely
unfounded. Adds Bloomberg:

A South Korean intelligence report warned that North Korea may
follow the rocket launch with the detonation of an atomic device.
Recent activity at the Punggye-ri nuclear testing site is
consistent with preparations for previous detonations in 2006 and
2009, according to the intelligence report obtained April 9 by
Bloomberg News.

The Obama administration has said firing the rocket would breach
the February 29 food deal, which included a North Korean pledge to
halt uranium enrichment at its main atomic facility in Yongbyon.
North Korea has criticized that stance, calling it an overreaction
“beyond the limit” in a statement from an unnamed foreign ministry
official cited by KCNA last month.

Still, each time North Korea starts trying to play big and bad
on the world stage, don't get nervous. Remember that North Korea
spends scant resources on boondoggles like the world's biggest,
most hideous hotel (that
took 20 years to open
) and their weirdly beautiful metro, which
most things
in Pyongyang,
is kind of staged
for foreigners and is much weirder and
shoddier than it initially appears.

Maybe not a lot of funds or know-how left for feeding people or
nuking foreign countries, but there's always enough to imprison
150,000 people in
sub-Gulag conditions.

Reason on
North Korea.


Jay Carney comes into his own by denying Hilary Rosen hers.

For a given value of “his own.” Short version of this Jay Carney clip: Hilary who? Hilary Rosen? The White House has so many people coming through, after all…

Somewhere, Robert Gibbs is nodding to himself and thinking, Yes. The chrysalis has fallen away to reveal… well, a prime example of Dermatobia hominis (human bot fly).

Well, they can’t all be pretty, pretty butterflies.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yes, I am well aware that if bot flies actually cocooned they wouldn’t have made this list.  Then again, it’s the human bot fly reproductive cycle that otherwise makes that particular insect a nigh-perfect metaphor for your average Democratic White House Press Secretary.  Work with me here, people.

PPS: If you don’t know what the bot fly reproductive cycle is, you probably will be better off by not clicking the links.


The FOCUS Act and Federal Law Enforcement

An article by Jon Adler at “Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine,” (Last viewed Apr. 11, 2012), written on behalf of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) is quite critical of the recently-introduced Freedom from Over-Criminalization and Unjust Seizures (FOCUS) Act of 2012.  The thrust of the article is that the FOCUS Act would put federal officers and agents at risk by taking away their right to carry firearms in the course of their criminal law enforcement duties.  That...

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Onion: Romney Tries New Strategy to Impress Voters


The War On Women Bites The Democrats In The Butt #EERS

Tonight we’re going to dive deep into the Democrats’ rhetorical walk back on the War on Women.

Then we’ll move into Barack Obama’s “fairness” argument about the Buffett Rule.

You can listen live tonight on the WSB live stream and call in at 1-800-WSB-TALK.

The show runs from 6pm ET to 9pm ET.

Consider this an open thread.