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Who Is ‘Racist’?: Part II

Around this time of year, I sometimes hear from parents who have been appalled to learn that the child they sent away to college to become educated has instead been indoctrinated with the creed of the left. They often ask if I can suggest something to have their offspring read over the summer, in order to counteract this indoctrination.
This year the answer is a no-brainer. It is a book with the unwieldy title, “No matter what … they’ll call this book Racist” by Harry Stein, a writer for what is ...


Seven Of The Most Disturbing Quotes From Members Of The Obama Administration

My latest Townhall column is called, Seven Of The Most Disturbing Quotes From Members Of The Obama Administration. Here’s an excerpt from the column.
Birds of a feather flock together and so when we see Barack Obama stacking his cabinet with radicals, it tells you a lot about his mentality. Of course, the fact that his entire term in office has been nothing but a slow motion of evisceration of the American dream should tell you a lot about how he thinks too — but a little more evidence is always ...


The 20 Worst People, Places, and Things on the Internet.

20) Internet Novels: Although I probably spend a lot more time on the net than most people, there are just some things that don’t work well on the net. Internet novels fall into this category. Who wants to spend hours sitting in chair, straining their eyes, and hitting next over and over and over again to read an internet novel? Compare that to laying back and getting comfortable on a couch and reading thru a book. I’ll grant you that internet novels aren’t even close to the worst things on ...


My Favorite 50 Movies Of All-Time

50) Pearl Harbor: A long, semi-interesting love story combined with incredible combat scenes. If they’d cut the love story down to a more manageable size this one might have moved up 20 spots.
49) Falling Down: Michael Douglas’s character is a complete psycho but you can still relate to what he’s saying and doing. Like the promo says, “An everyday man (nut), at war with the everyday world”
48) The Blues Brothers: Belushi & Ackroyd on a mission from God. One of the best of the old school comedies.
47) American Pie: This one time at band camp…
46) Face-Off: Travolta vs. Cage in ...


My Favorite 50 Movies Of All-Time

50) Pearl Harbor: A long, semi-interesting love story combined with incredible combat scenes. If they’d cut the love story down to a more manageable size this one might have moved up 20 spots.
49) Falling Down: Michael Douglas’s character is a complete psycho but you can still relate to what he’s saying and doing. Like the promo says, “An everyday man (nut), at war with the everyday world”
48) The Blues Brothers: Belushi & Ackroyd on a mission from God. One of the best of the old school comedies.
47) American Pie: This one time at band camp…
46) Face-Off: Travolta vs. Cage in ...


Gay rights group claims responsibility for vandalism of Mars Hill church

From the Washington Post.
A satellite church affiliated with controversial Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll was vandalized early Tuesday (April 24) and a group calling itself the “Angry Queers” has reportedly taken responsibility.
Stained glass and other windows were broken at the Mars Hill Church, according to a post on the Facebook page of Pastor Tim Smith.
“Neighbors of the church reported seeing several young adults in black masks throwing large rocks into the windows,” a church news release said. “Police stated that a bank in the area was also vandalized in the same ...


Friday Night Jam: Jack White on the Colbert Report


John McCain Blasts Obama For Using Bin Laden Against Romney, Used Bin Laden Against Obama in 2008

spot the differenceSenator John McCain took
with the Obama campaign’s
latest tactic
, using the killing of Osama bin Laden to draw a
contrast between the President’s decisiveness and Mitt Romney’s
lack thereof.

“No one disputes that the President deserves credit for ordering
the raid, but to politicize it in this way is the height of
hypocrisy,” McCain said in an e-mail sent out by the RNC.
Condemning the politicization of bin Laden’s killing, though,
didn’t stop Senator McCain from politicizing it. “President Obama
is shamelessly turning the one decision he got right into a
pathetic political act of self-congratulation,” McCain boldly
declared, despite
 the President on the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki,

 the President’s involvement in Libya from
Republicans, and applauding the
President’s decision to block the release of photos
documenting abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Candidate McCain also used the
that he would make the decision to order the killing of
Osama bin Laden while a putative President Obama would not on the
campaign trail in 2008.

Expect more to come of the Romney campaign trying to paint
President Obama’s foreign policy as “weak
while agreeing in
with everything the President’s done and pushing for

more of the same
. talking to Jacob Hornberger on how President Obama's
foreign policy is a continuation of President Bush's:


Concealed carry permitholder stops stabbing rampage in Utah

Here’s a story from KSL TV, in Utah. (H/T All American Blogger)
A man stabbed two people at the Smith’s Marketplace grocery store in downtown Salt Lake City before being subdued by a bystander.
The attack took place around 5:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the store at 455 South and 500 East. According to a witness, it appears one man was stabbed in the side of the head and another was stabbed in the stomach. The exact condition of the victims is unknown, but police believe the injuries are very serious and ...


Senator Mike Lee on Violence Against Women Act

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) made the case that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), passed by the Senate, “oversteps the Constitution’s rightful limits on federal power.” Sen. Lee argued on the Senate floor that “everyone agrees that violence against women is reprehensible.”  He went on to make the case that this is an issue better left to the states and not an issue in the constitutional purview of the federal government. Sen. Lee argues that there are three reasons why the VAWA should not...

Click the title to read the full post.


Mitt Romney is Batman. And knows kung fu.

This is an old story – one that Jim Geraghty (via the Morning Jolt) reminisced about while noting the time that Mitt Romney saved a bunch of people* from drowning – that relates the time that Mitt Romney had somebody take a swing at him on a flight. Supposedly, Romney had asked the guy in front of him to put his seat up before takeoff (Romney and his wife flew economy class, by the way**), the guy swung on him, situation resolved by local security forces. Nothing unusual, right? …No, that’s just what THEY want you to think. There’s a conflicting report.

[Alleged rapper] Sky Blu says Romney drew first blood. Well, he said Romney grabbed him after angrily telling him to move his seat up.

“He grabs my shoulder .. and I just react BOOM get off me!” Blu told the video camera. “He put a condor grip on me. What am I supposed to do?”

“That’s like a Vulcan grip,” offered his bandmate Redfoo.

“Like a Vulcan grip,” Blu concurred. “I’m not your prey. I’m not a salmon going upstream. You’re not going to grip me up.”

Well… I am forced to note, sir, that in fact Mitt Romney was indeed going to grip you up for violating both the laws of decorum and our shared sense of American civics. And that if you do not like it then you should keep your seat upright until the flight attendant informs you that you can recline it. Because if you don’t, then you may receive a condor grip from… hold on. Millionaire businessman. Carefully maintained public persona. Strong positions on law and order. Goes around saving people using high-tech vehicles. Engages in principled low level vigilantism designed to make the world a better place on a street level.

Dear GOD.

MITT ROMNEY IS BATMAN. And knows kung fu.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*And, as I am forced to point out by the current zeitgeist, their dog. I am likewise forced to point out that Romney did not save the dog for dinner later.

**When’s the last time Barack Obama flew coach, anyway? …And if the answer is “more than two years before he ran for President,” well, I can’t help it if people might think that that reflects badly on him.


New Smartphone App Will Let You Complain to the TSA With Ease

Smart phone applications, is
there anything they can't help you evade or complain about faster?
Not from the people that brought you the various DUI
checkpoint warning apps
, nor the people who offered the

Occupy Wallstreet-ready
and the undocumented
immigrant-friendly versions
of "hey, I'm getting arrested right
now, help!" apps, but rather from something called the Sikh
Coalition, comes a new app that makes complaining about the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) a breeze. Well,
possibly. That's the idea behind the app set to be released on
Monday, anyway.

For those confused about what exactly a generally pro-Sikh group
has to do with the TSA, well, apparently they get targeted a lot at
airports. Even though technically of course they don't (because
profiling isn't allowed! Which is why little kids and Grandmas get
targeted for terrorism. Not that the TSA should be profiling,
because oh my God they would be even more terrible at that than we
could possibly imagine.)

According to Raw Story:

[T]he app asks a series of questions that mirror the complaint
reporting document offered on the TSA’s website, then sends the
agency an official report, which they
 are always followed-up on.

Amardeep Singh, director of programs for the coalition, told Raw
Story that the app should enable people who believe they’ve been
profiled to file an official complaint “within minutes” of an
incident at a checkpoint.

“The application creates a novel marriage between technology and
civil rights activism,” The Sikh Coalition said in an advisory. “It
is the first and only such application of its kind, allowing users
in communities such as the Sikh, Muslim, Latino, or Black
communities to document their experience at the airport.”

“For years The Sikh Coalition and the Sikh community has been
complaining about profiling by security at airports,” Singh said.
“But official complaints filed with the TSA or Homeland Seucrity
are notoriously low from our community. For example, for the third
quarter of 2011 the TSA reported to Congress that only 11 people
had complained of profiling at airports, and of course the
complaints we received [about the TSA] are more like in the

Reason on the
 And this Remy/Reason/tv classic:


CNN anchor astonishment after student in viral photo with Obama won’t say she’s voting for him

**Written by Doug Powers


This isn’t as funny as it could have been — peak hilarity would have been reached if University of Colorado student Madalyn Starkey said she was going to pull the lever for Romney — but a “no comment” is the next best thing.

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters sets up the clip:

Unless you happened to sleep all week, you probably saw the story of a Colorada University student getting her picture taken with President Obama at a bar in Boulder.

Even funnier than the photo that went viral on the internet was CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield gasping on Thursday’s Early Start when the co-ed in question wouldn’t say she was voting for the current White House resident.

After Banfield, who was off camera, gasped and said “wow,” Starkey said she didn’t want to “get any prejudice and bias in this one.” There goes any chance the kid might have had of landing an anchor gig at CNN.

The gasping and surprise starts at about the 2:20 mark. The moment of truth is the look on Zoraida Sambolin’s face when she starts to wonder if the question is about to backfire like a poorly tuned 1981 Datsun:

Transcript here.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe


GOP-Controlled Legislature Passes a Medical Marijuana Bill; Democratic Governor Plans to Veto It

This week the Republican-controlled New Hampshire
House of Representatives
a medical marijuana bill by a lopsided vote of 236 to
96, one day after Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, threatened to veto
the legislation. Last month the state Senate approved the bill,
which would let patients with "debilitating medical conditions" or
their "designated caregivers" grow and possess up to six ounces at
a time, by a vote of 13 to 11, with all five Democrats and eight
Republicans in favor. The number of yes votes in the House, where
nearly three-quarters of the seats are held by Republicans, is
enough to overcome a veto (which requires a two-thirds majority),
but the bill's supporters need to get three more votes in the
Senate. If they manage to do that, New Hampshire will become the
17th state to allow medical use of marijuana. Lynch successfully
vetoed a similar bill in 2009.

Democrats were actually
more likely
than Republicans to vote for the the bill, but
there aren't enough of them to pass anything on their own, let
alone achieve a veto-proof majority. In absolute numbers, the bill
got more votes from Republicans than from Democrats. In New
Hampshire, then, medical marijuana is a cause supported mainly by
Republicans and opposed by the state's most prominent Democrat (who
perhaps is taking his
from the country's most prominent Democrat). Weird, right?
Why would the party that supposedly favors a smaller, less
intrusive government want to let sick people grow their own


3-Year Senate Investigation: ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ Was Ineffective

Reuters reports today that a nearly three-year long investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee has found little or no evidence that "enhanced interrogation" techniques yielded any valuable intelligence, or led to counter-terrorism breakthroughs.

People familiar with the inquiry said committee investigators, who have been poring over records from the administration of President George W. Bush, believe they do not substantiate claims by some Bush supporters that the harsh interrogations led to counter-terrorism coups.

The backers of such techniques, which include "water-boarding," sleep deprivation and other practices critics call torture, maintain they have led to the disruption of major terror plots and the capture of al Qaeda leaders.

One official said investigators found "no evidence" such enhanced interrogations played "any significant role" in the years-long intelligence operations which led to the discovery and killing of Osama bin Laden last May by U.S. Navy SEALs.