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Revisiting the DHS Smear of the Tea Party Movement

In the wake of the horrific Sikh temple shootings in Wisconsin, left-wing barrel-scrapers are demanding that talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives apologize for criticizing a 2009 Department of Homeland Security report that hyped an ominous new wave of violent “rightwing extremism.”
I don’t apologize. I call foul.
The media lowlifes who exploit every tragic shooting to silence their law-abiding, First Amendment-exercising enemies are tearing this country apart. “Progressives” have had free rein to libel and slander peaceful, liberty-loving citizens — while whitewashing the violent plots and criminal behavior of their ...


If You Like Obama’s Failed Policies, Vote for Him

Those who understand that America is now on the wrong track cannot reasonably vote for Obama in November, because he is absolutely unwilling to change, perhaps even ideologically incapable of changing, course. Evidence abounds.
First, consider his disastrous economic record and his rejection of any semblance of a course change. He and his economic advisers told us his stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent. It didn’t. He didn’t consider for a second that his policies exacerbated the economic crisis. He blamed Bush and said that if anything, he — Obama ...


Government Has No Business Dabbling in Business

Just 16 percent of voters nationwide believe it was a good idea for the government to provide Solyndra with loan guarantees. The solar power company went bankrupt and stuck taxpayers with the tab for a half-billion dollars.
The Obama administration generally has responded to questions about the program in the way a venture capital firm would respond to questions about a portfolio loss. They note that similar government investments have turned out just fine and that it’s only fair to look at their portfolio as a whole.
It’s not a bad argument ...


Random Thoughts From Ronn Torossian

Am so confused when people talk about the “One” or “Two” State Solutions. Aren’t there 22 Arab countries? So which is the state they are talking about that is a one state solution?
Cute story I just came across I wanted to share:

“Do you feel lonely in Washington?” the Lubavitch Rebbe asked the Israeli ambassador to the US, Yitzchak Rabin in 1972. “True, many ambassadors don’t speak to me…but that’s their problem, not mine. I’m proud to be Israeli.” “Are you proud to be a Jew?” asked the Rebbe.  ”Of course, very ...


Try, Try Again: Nevada Government Unions Determined to Raise Taxes

When Nevada government unions created a self-serving petition drive to create a 2 percent margins tax on businesses across the state, the Committee to Protect Nevada Jobs filed suit. The group claimed the unions'...


The ‘Boring’ 2012 Campaign

Two of my pundit colleagues -- David Brooks of The New York Times and Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal -- have written about this "boring" and "inconsequential" presidential campaign.

Perhaps the reason is...


Craziest Wingnut Rant of the Day: Jerome Corsi: ‘Was Obama Married Before He Was Married?’

Of course. It just ... makes so much ... sense.

(h/t: thedopefishlives.)


Nancy Pelosi identifies the voices in her head

**Written by Doug Powers

It’s always easy to tell which days Nancy Pelosi’s aides forgot to sprinkle haloperidol on her KFC.

CNS News describes one such day:

A video recently posted on Youtube shows Pelosi speaking in May describing her first meeting with President Bush in the White House after becoming part of the Democratic House leadership.

In the video Pelosi says, “He’s (Bush) saying something to the effect of we’re so glad to welcome you here, congratulations and I know you’ll probably have some different things to say about what is going on–which is correct. But, as he was saying this, he was fading and this other thing was happening to me.”

“My chair was getting crowded in,” said Pelosi. “I swear this happened, never happened before, it never happened since.”

“My chair was getting crowded in and I couldn’t figure out what it was, it was like this,” she said.

“And then I realized Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, you name it, they were all in that chair, they were,” said Pelosi. “More than I named and I could hear them say: ‘At last we have a seat at the table.’ And then they were gone.”

Eleanor Roosevelt would have been there too but she was traveling with Hillary.

Pelosi has told that story on more than one occasion and now seemingly incorporates it as an encore into every address to female audiences — it’s kind of like her version of Freebird:

(Video h/t Jim Treacher)

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe


Which Presidential Candidate Has Killed More Innocents? Let the SuperPACs Fight it Out!

Pro-Obama SuperPac Priorities USA runs an ad more or less
accusing Romney of being responsible for a woman's death. You know,
Bain Capital restructured a company, man got fired, no insurance,
wife delays a doctor's visit, cancer, DEAD!
(UPDATE: Peter Suderman had earlier today torn apart
the factual basis
of this ad.)

Enjoy the ad below. It's very tasteful and restrained, for that
sad and untrue story it tells.


At the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf notes that
blaming your opponent for people's deaths
should be
little awkward for Obama fans, what with the drones
and the death rained from the sky on the innocents and all

It would be nice if Obama defenders could respond that he's done
everything in his power to minimize civilian casualties, but that
isn't true. Drones that fire missiles, then sometimes fire
again when rescuers rush to the scene, or when funerals are
, does not minimize civilian casualties. When a drone
program defines "all
military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to
several administration officials, unless there is explicit
intelligence posthumously proving them innocent," the effect is not
to minimize civilian casualties, but to maximize the cover the
United States has to kill people without raising alarm from outside

Do Obama supporters who cheered this anti-Romney ad understand
the sort of commercial that grieving family members
of this
16-year-old American boy
 killed in a CIA drone strike
could make?

Lucy Steigerwald blogged in June on
half-assed liberal defenses
of Obama's killin' ways.


Regulators Take Populist Issue, Create an International Incident

Benjamin LawskyIt takes a special talent to take a
crowd-pleasing issue like an investigation of high-level financial
shenanigans which should be a political sure-fire winner, and
promptly turn it into a cause for international friction replete
with allegations of cronyism. But that's what bureaucrats in New
York and D.C. have done in the wake of the Standard Charter
could-be scandal over whether the British bank did deals with Iran
in violation of U.S. rules. The Brits accuse American officials of
wielding regulations and investigative powers as weapons to damage
U.K. financial institutions with an eye to boosting the prospects
of U.S.-based competitors. And you have to wonder if, somewhere in
there, the Brits are quietly wondering why they should give a shit
about D.C.'s neurotic obsession with one lunatic-ruled dump among
many in the Middle East.

The mess started when Benjamin
of New York's newly created home for busybodies, the
Department of Financial Services, decided to demonstrate that he
could play with the big boys, by
going batshit over Standard Charter
. Without consulting with
anybody else, he raised the Iranian money-laundering allegations
and threatened to strip the bank of its license to operate in New

The Brits promptly fired back.
Reports Bloomberg

London Mayor Boris Johnson accused U.S. regulators of acting in
a “high-handed” way over Standard Chartered Plc (STAN) and said
criticism of British banks stems from jealousy of London as a
financial center.

The U.S. “is still the land of the free and the home of the
brave and, every now and then, just a tiny bit high-handed in her
treatment of other nations,” Johnson wrote in a column for the
London-based Spectator magazine due to be published tomorrow.

Usually, as you rise up the political food chain, reactions
become more muted. When they don't ... Well, as the London
Daily Telegraph

has it

George Osborne has intervened in the escalating row over
Standard Chartered with three calls to the US Treasury Secretary in
which he demanded “fair treatment of British businesses” by US

The Chancellor told Tim Geitner he would not impede any
investigation but that he had been “very concerned about the way”
in which New York’s Benjamin Lawsky had sprung his explosive order
on Monday.

The staid, old BBC takes a more holistic approach, pondering
whether Yanks have any business bossing other folks

Does the US have a legitimate right to intervene in the
behaviour of companies and individuals, or indeed of countries,
operating beyond its own borders?

The question is pertinent and timely, given that Standard
Chartered, a UK bank, was accused this week of violating US

You get the impression that, if the U.K. could still transport
its own troops, they'd be marching into Albany right now. There's a
reason why Forbes titles a story about this, "How
Not To Go After A Big Bank: The Standard Chartered

The Forbes story still ends with the standard
disclaimer about how, "Of course, if Standard Chartered engaged in
illegal behavior (it denies the extent of the NYDFS’s claims) then
none of that should matter ..." But the illegal behavior is doing
business with a country that the U.S. government considers very
naughty — even naughtier than itself and its friends. Frankly, it's
hard to get excited over that. And people outside our borders very
much don't care about American officials' obsessions.

It's easy to see why the Brits might consider over-the-top
huffing and puffing about an arbitrary rule to be nothing more than
political posturing for advantage.


LA Times Feeds Into Obama’s Wedge Politics, Says 2012 Is Up To ‘Women and White People’

David Lauter’s column featured in the  LA Times today was a disgraceful pivot to whittle the 2012 election to say it’s really hinging on women and white people.  They’re the gatekeepers. We should forget about hispanics, high unemployment, healthcare, trillion dollar deficits, and anemic economic growth because they no longer the core issues of the election.  It’s wedge politics 101 being played out here.
It does play into Obama’s current modus operandi of lying to keep his job.  They prevaricated on officially condemning Sen. Harry Reid’s lies about Romney’s taxes.  They truly ...


As City Employee Numbers Drop in Chicago, Costs Go Up

"Don't use the R-word when talking about collective bargaining."Part 12,394 of an infinite-part
series on public employee cost crises across the country, courtesy
of the Illinois
Policy Institute

The city’s workforce is getting small but more expensive:
dropping from almost 42,400 full-time-equivalent positions in 1993
to fewer than 33,800 FTEs in 2012.  But at the same time
per-employee costs have skyrocketed from $58,299 in ’03 to $96,082
in ’11. So while the city cut its workforce by about 20 percent,
per-employee costs have gone up by better than half.  Add it
all together and you have labor costs for the city as a whole
increasing by 14 percent.

And employee costs really drive the City of Chicago’s budget; by
the city’s own calculations 74 percent of expenditures over the
last nine years have been personnel related.

But that’s just the extant costs. What about those pensions?

The best of the four (which unfortunately happens to be the
smallest of the four in terms of payments it is expected to pay
out) has only 61 percent of the assets it ought to hold to be able
to pay expected benefits – barely out of what is widely considered
to be the pension crisis zone. The firefighter and police pensions
have only 26% and 33% of the assets they should. The city’s largest
pension fund, which covers most city employees (outside off public
safety) as well as some non-instructional public school employees,
has about 41 percent of the assets it will need to be certain of
paying benefits on time.

According to the budget math, the city needs to increase its
pension contributions from $476 million this year to $1.2 billion
in 2015.

According to the city’s own analysis, the uncontrollable
personnel costs are significantly due to forced salary increases
“resulting from contractual obligations under collective bargaining
agreements with the unions that represent the vast majority of the
City employees.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s team couldn’t possibly be considering the
idea that collective bargaining by public sector unions are a bad
thing, could they? I thought that was something only
corporate-owned, Koch-funded, Tea Party plutocrats believed!

But then, Emanuel has shown he is not too fond of a lot of
public sector nonsense, standing up to lunatic raise demands by

teachers unions
and practically campaigning
against unions
in his run for mayor. It would be interesting to
see the messaging if the unions tried to get him


Photo of the Day: Obama Forced to Flee Toddling Pursuer

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President Barack Obama runs around his desk in the Oval Office with Sarah Froman, daughter of Nancy Goodman and Mike Froman, Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics, July 9, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


I CONFESS! Obama Team Admits They Knew Joe Soptic’s Story

I confess your honor!  Team Obama finally said ‘uncle’ and admitted that they knew the facts surrounding Joe Soptic’s disgraceful political pimping of his dead wife for political gain.  After the revelation that Soptic had a conference call with Deputy Campaign Manager and liar Stephanie Cutter, the mounting pressure on the Obama campaign to just spill it became overwhelming and it forced their hand. Now, we know that they’re even more despicable than we originally thought.  The truth shall set you free!  Politico posted today that:
‘No one is denying he ...


Cuba: Cosmetic Changes Will Not Save the Castro Regime

Today, Cubans are reportedly being allowed to listen to Gloria Estefan. She and about 50 other artists were, until this week, blacklisted and banned. However, it’s not just the airwaves that are getting a facelift: Earlier this month, the aged Castro regime adopted a new tax code said to simplify government funding, legalize the sale of certain items, and allow Cubans working in cooperatives to divide profits without government oversight. This policy forms part of this year’s land privatization...

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