A Century Later, The New York Times Rejects the Anti-Pot Propaganda It Peddled

On Sunday The New York
turned against
marijuana prohibition, and this week it has
followed up on that historic editorial with a series of essays on
various aspects of the issue. Tuesday's
, headlined "The Federal Marijuana Ban Is
Rooted in Myth and Xenophobia," accurately describes the irrational
origins of that policy. But as I point out in my latest
Forbes column, the Times conspicuously
overlooks its own role in disseminating the propaganda underlying
the war on marijuana. Here is how the column begins:

According to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center,
54 percent of American adults support marijuana legalization.
That's around 130 million people. It turns out that some of them
are members of the New York Times editorial
board, which on Sunday declared that "the federal
government should repeal the ban on marijuana."

Given its timing, the paper's endorsement of legalization is
more an indicator of public opinion than a brave stand aimed at
changing it. Andrew Rosenthal, editorial page editor at
the Timestold MSNBC's
Chris Hayes that the new position was not controversial among the
paper's 18 editorial writers and that when he raised the subject
with the publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, "He said, 'Fine.' I think
he'd probably been there before I was. I think I was there before
we did it." Better late than never, I guess, although I confess
that seeing a New York Times editorial in favor
of legalizing marijuana briefly made me wonder if I've been wrong
about the issue all these years.

In their gratitude for the belated support of a venerable
journalistic institution, antiprohibitionists should not overlook
the extent to which the Times has aided and
abetted the war on marijuana over the years. That shameful history
provides a window on the origins of this bizarre crusade and a
lesson in the hazards of failing to question authority.

Read the whole thing.


Obama and the US Army Open the Door to the UN

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Gen. Markus Laubenthal is the first German officer to be assigned to US Army Europe. He is the command’s new chief of staff. (US Army Europe)
A headline blipped by this morning that I’m sure very few took note of, but it caught my attention big time. As Weasel Zippers astutely put it: “Nein, this could open the door for a UN blue beanie.” Indeed this does, because my friends, if they can put a foreign officer in charge of our troops there, what’s to stop them from doing ...


Anthony Fisher Talking Israel-Gaza on HuffPost Live Today at 1030am ET

I'll be appearing on
HuffPost Live today at 1030am ET
 to discuss the current
prospects for aDoin' the Huffpost Live lasting peace between Israel and the
Palestinians, which
I wrote about yesterday
on these very web pages.

I will be joined by host Josh Zepps and human rights
attorney Noura Erakat, who
this piece
for The
criticizing Israeli government
talking points on the current conflict. 

Should you miss the live feed, the segment will be
available to watch later


Why Washington State’s Congressional Delegation Votes for the Export-Import Bank

The Export-Import Bank,
 by Sen. Barack Obama in 2008 as "little more
than a fund for corporate welfare," gives loan guarantees and other
forms of supra-market financing to foreign countries and companies
that buy American exports. Well, products made by the handful of
companies that get this sweetheart backing.

One of the single-biggest beneficiaries of Ex-Im backing is
Boeing, a struggling little airplane-making outfit with a market
value north of $90 billion. According to Reason columnist
and Mercatus
policy scholar Veronique de Rugy, between 2007 and 2014,
companies with operations in Washington state accounted for 44
percent of total disbursements of Ex-Im largesse. By which she
means Boeing.

The Ex-Im Bank—which President Barack Obama supports—is a pure
example of concentrated benefits and distributed costs. Writes de

The truth of the matter is that the Ex-Im Bank yields negligible
benefits for the vast majority of state exports, aside from one big
outlier. These charts make it clear that the Ex-Im Bank primarily
exists to benefit Boeing at the expense of everyone else in the

You might wonder why lawmakers would refuse to acknowledge this
reality. For one, politicians are pressured by an army
of lobbyists representing
powerful companies who are committed to protect their perks even if
it hurts everyone else. But politicians are not exactly shrinking
violets, here. They like being able to point to the small
businesses and American jobs that they “support” through the Ex-Im

What is much harder is to point to the millions of victims of
the Ex-Im Bank. Taxpayers, for instance, bear a massive $140
billion exposure so that giant corporations like Boeing
and General
 can make a little more profit each year. Should
the bank’s portfolio go south, normal people like [us] will be on
the hook.

Read the whole column
at the Washington Examiner.

When Rep. Kevin McCarthy came in as House
Majority Leader in June (after Eric Cantor was sent packing in his
primary), his first big, bold statement was to say House
Republicans would act to kill the Export-Import Bank, which comes
up for reauthorization at the end of September. With few
exceptions, GOP members are already starting to dodge that stand,
instead talking about how they'll only vote for its renewal if
stringent new reforms are put in place. At the Lincoln Labs Reboot
conference in San Francisco, I spoke with Rep. Cathy McMorris
Rodgers, a Republican who hails from eastern Washington. When I
asked point blank whether she would vote to kill the bank, she said
she was waiting on what reforms might be included in the
reauthorization. "There's some questions that need to be answered,"
she told me. "I'll see what that looks like when it comes." In
other words, put her down for a yes.

McMorris Rodgers, who voted to reauthorize in 2012, is hardly
alone in her position. In 2012, all Democratic senators voted in
of the bank, along with 27 Republicans (19 Republicans
voted against it). In the
, 183 Democrats and 147 Republicans voted in favor of it,
with just 93 Republicans and zero Democrats voting against. All
eight members of the Washington state delegation (four Ds and four
Rs) voted in favor, as did both Democratic senators.

From a small-goverment perspective, there is no reform that can
"fix" issues with the bank's operations, since it shouldn't exist
in the first place. It absolutely helps pick winners and losers in
the marketplace by backing the purchase of some companies but not
others and, more important, puts taxpayers on the hook for up to
$140 billion in loan guarantees. Which of course cost nothing—until
they cost a lot.

Watch Reason's "3 Reasons to KILL the Export-Import Bank
FOREVER!," featuring a special appearance by Art Vandelay:


Dick Morris: “I Would Not Be Surprised If Obama Resigned”

The calls for impeachment of Barack Obama have been rumbling for a little while now, along with outraged reaction from hypocritical Democrats. But would Obama really resign if the ball started rolling towards kicking him out of office?

President Barack Obama has been criticized for continuing to headline political fundraisers while the country is facing so many crises, but veteran political commentator Dick Morris says the president doesn’t seem to care if it hurts his image.
“I think Obama has almost ‘cashed-it-in’ at far as that goes,” Morris told Ed ...


More Pettiness From the Obama Administration: State Department Cancels Visa Applications for Israelis

Israel may be our only ally in the Middle East, along with the only functioning democracy, but that doesn’t mean Obama won’t make sure his administration twists the knife in their back a little. In a shockingly petty move, the state department has cancelled all visa applications for Israelis… because they’re violent terrorists and all. Oh wait — that’s Hamas.

The US embassy in Tel Aviv has cancelled tourist visa applications for Israelis, according to a statement on its official website, in a move it claims is a matter ...


Win or Lose Halbig, Obamacare’s Biggest Troubles are Still Ahead

To say that Obamacare enthusiasts are having a bad few weeks
would be a major understatement. First, a three-judge panel at the
DC Circuit Court ruled against them in Halbig vs.
, a lawsuit they
“stupid” and “criminal” for arguing that the subsidies
that Uncle Sam was handing out through 36 federal exchanges
violated the law. Then, videos surfaced showing that one of the
law’s key architect’s — MIT’s Jonathan Gruber — had gone around the
country two years ago basically making Halbig’s “stupid”
and “criminal” argument, only to change his tune after the lawsuit
was filed.

Meanwhile, liberal bloggers, who set out to destroy, once and
for all, Halbig’s argument, ended up confirming it. Greg
Sargent of the Washington Post excavated Senate documents
that he said proved — proved — that subsidies through
federal exchanges were legitimate because they were contained in an
earlier version of the bill — only to be
Obamacare.Justiceconspicuously dropped
from the final law!

And yesterday our friends at the Competitive Enterprise
Institute petitioned the Supreme Court to rule on the legality of
these subsidies before the full DC Circuit reverses the three-judge
panel and the lower courts are still split, given that other
Circuits have rejected Halbig’s argument.

But the odds, I note, in my latest column at The Week,
are that the politically squeamish Chief Justice Roberts won’t
accept the case. He’ll let the issue be resolved at the lower court
level instead of getting his hands dirty in a partisan

That might mean the end of Halbig, but not the end of
Obamacare’s political troubles. “The program's biggest
vulnerabilities are still down the road,” I note. And that's no
accident. The administration postponed implementation of the more
painful aspects of the program till after the president is safely
out of office — partly through the original law and partly by
altering the law through executive fiat. Hence:

a postponed tsunami of discontent awaits ObamaCare, just around
the time the president exits office, when union plans are hit with
new taxes; insurance companies may require a bailout; appropriation
battles get underway; providers confront massive cuts; hospitals
suffer losses; employers face mandates; and patients, once again,
revolt against sticker shock as they are forced to pay higher
penalties or buy policies they don't want…

So, the Obamacare film will be at 11 every night for the
forseeable future.

to read the whole thing.


A.M. Links: Gaza Cease-Fire Collapses, Republicans Promise Border Bill, Ebola Patient Evacuated to U.S.

  • An American Ebola
    will be evacuated from West Africa and brought back to
    the U.S. for treatment. The death toll from the current outbreak
    now stands above 700, making it the largest Ebola outbreak on
  • The U.S. unemployment rate has
    to 6.2 percent.
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has
    no plans to retire
    in the near future. "All I can say, I am
    still here and likely to remain for a while,” the 81-year-old
    justice declared.
  • "Syfy says its sequel to the horror spoof 'Sharknado' snapped
    3.9 million viewers
    Wednesday night. The film, officially
    titled 'Sharknado 2: The Second One,' nearly tripled the 1.37
    million viewers who saw last summer's premiere of the original
    'Sharknado' film."

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Kurt Loder Reviews Guardians of the Galaxy and Get on Up

Guardians of the
 is what happens when you hire a graduate of the
merry Troma schlock factory, hand him $170-million, and set him
loose on a lower level of the Marvel Comics empire—a place where
X-Men and Avengers would never think to tread. The result is a
fresh kind of blockbuster, a picture with wit and charm and a
wonderful wisecracking sense of humor. All the familiar comic-book
elements are in place: the fantastical planets (Morag and Xandar
and Dark Aster—home of the fearsome Kree!) and exotic MacGuffins
(there's a mysterious Orb, and an Infinity Stone of a sort that
will be familiar to Marvel adepts). But while director James
Gunn—the Troma guy—clearly loves this stuff, he doesn't take it too
seriously. He knows that only fan folk will likely be able to keep
track of it all, so he just ladles it on and plows right through
it. What a relief, writes Kurt Loder, who also reviews Get on
, a problematic tribute to the great James Brown.

View this article.


Poll Shows GOP Standing Tough On Border Most Important Issue

Is it?
(Breitbart) Polling data compiled by Tea Party Patriots and provided exclusively to Breitbart News shows that a majority of Republican voters think Republicans standing strong on immigration is more important than repealing Obamacare, getting to the bottom of the Benghazi or IRS scandals—or anything else for that matter.
When asked by TPP’s pollster which issue they think is the important for Republicans in Congress to deal with, 34.6 percent of GOP voters said stopping the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border. Stopping Obama’s “illegal overreach” with executive power ...


Satanists Use Hobby Lobby Ruling For Democrat Purposes

This is an interesting turn of events. Who knew that Satanists have the same positions on abortion as Democrats?
(ABC News) A group of Satanists are using the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision to promote their own political initiatives — which are the polar opposite of the Christian craft store giant.
The Supreme Court ruling allows Hobby Lobby to opt out of providing contraceptives to employees on the basis of their religious beliefs. Now, The Satanic Temple plans to cite the verdict as justification for the protection of their own beliefs. (WT-gotta ...


Drunk, Unlicensed Driver Who Killed Teenager Posts Pictures of His Totaled Car Online With a Smiley Face

Most of the time, car accidents are just accidents with no malicious intent — and while that may not be of much comfort to the family of a loved one who was killed in a car accident, at least they can rest assured that the other person is truly sorry and not, say, posting pictures of the car they smashed into with smiley faces attached to them. That’s what the family of one teenaged boy is having to grapple with, as Michael Vanwagner killed their son in a car ...


The Right Wing News Survey On The Conflict Between the Israelis & the Palestinians

Whom do you blame for the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians? Vote in our survey to let us know!

Once again, you can vote here in our survey.


Friday Funnies: John Kerry’s Peace Mission

John Kerry


Brickbat: Distracted Driver

A Los Angeles County sheriff's
driver who struck and killed a man with his patrol car
was texting at
around the time of the accident. Deputy Andrew Wood struck and
killed Milton Everett Olin Jr.  Witnesses said they did not
see any brake lights before the collision.


This Week In Quotes

The only problem that will surely be solved by the next 50 million immigrants, who follow the 50 million legal and illegal immigrants who have come since 1965, will be the problem presented by the continued existence of the Republican Party. — Pat Buchanan
I’m not a military planner, Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets into civilian areas. Part of it is because Gaza is pretty small and it’s densely populated. — Hillary Clinton
Real wages for men under age 35 have fallen almost continuously since the late 1970s, and those with ...