The Cruz Surge Creates GOP Establishment Panic And Paralysis

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None of us knows how this election is going to play out, but the one thing that we can say is that this has been the most entertaining presidential primary season ever. By far the most amusing part has been the utter state of panic the GOP establishment has been in since the voters took a look at their “electability” candidate, Jeb Bush, and started laughing. Since then one nightmare has followed another. If I’d had the foresight, I could have financed my children’s college expenses by selling brown trousers to the US Chamber of Commerce and the GOP Senate caucus.

Right now the GOP establishment is panicking over the specter of a Donald Trump candidacy. But if that wasn’t sufficient to get those panties wetted, now a fear of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% is setting in.

Mainstream elected Republicans now see Cruz as a bigger threat than Donald Trump or Ben Carson to clinch the nomination — but equally damaging to their party’s chances of winning the White House and keeping the Senate next fall. Rubio would be a much stronger general election standard bearer, they believe.

This, of course, is patent nonsense. For the first time in my memory none of our top tier candidates has an “electablility” issue. Rubio does poll stronger against Clinton, but Clinton is either behind or in a statistical tie with the top six GOP hopefuls.

Cornyn, Thune and Coats have not endorsed in the presidential primary, and lawmakers interviewed for this story said many senior Republicans do not want to embarrass long-shot presidential hopeful Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 41% by endorsing Rubio while the South Carolina senator is in the race. They’re also aware that endorsements from top GOP lawmakers at this point in the primary wouldn’t help Rubio’s cause with the Republican base.

This is the most delicious part of the entire season. Though the establishment is very unhappy at the thought of Trump or Carson or Cruz, they know they are so toxic with GOP primary voters that their endorsement will sink their candidate. So they are forced to keep quiet, stand on the sidelines and hope for the best.

Cruz scoffed at the notion that Rubio is more electable, telling POLITICO that that’s precisely the logic that paved the way for Democrats to win five of the past six popular votes for the White House.

“Democrats also told Republicans Bob Dole was more electable, Democrats also told the press Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 51% was more electable, Democrats also told the press Mitt Romney was more electable,” Cruz said. “Then the Democrats were quite happy to go to their inauguration balls.”

Cruz predicted that millions of blue-collar Democrats would rally behind him in a general election, like they did with Ronald Reagan three decades ago. Rubio’s earlier support for comprehensive immigration reform — or a “massive amnesty plan,” in Cruz’s words — would preclude that kind of crossover appeal, the Texan said.

But congressional Republicans say the truest indicator of Rubio’s strength is the abuse he’s getting from Democrats. They’ve been pounding him daily over missed votes and briefings, while dissecting his policy plans. Cruz, by comparison, has been getting kid-glove treatment, to the extent Democrats mention him at all in opposition dumps from the party apparatus and outside liberal groups.

This last paragraph is meaningful only if you assume that Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 11% and Chuck Schumer know what they are doing, electorally. There has been precious little evidence that any Democrat senator has a good grasp on the mood of the nation given their drubbing in 2014. Rubio is attacked because, until now, he has been the highest ranked traditional Republican candidate. As Cruz rises in the polls they will begin attacks on him. Right now, you will note, is the attacks on Rubio are focused not on his conservative credentials but on the times he has voted with the Democrats.

The fundraising reports show that Cruz is running a savvy campaign that is both frugal and results oriented — very much like how we’d like the federal government to operate. Nearly alone among the non-Trump candidates, Cruz is financially positioned to fight the battle to the end. He is in that position because he is not acting as a life support system to RNC endorsed consultants that are sucking the other candidates dry.

The establishment is right to panic over Cruz. There are five or six others who could be more than adequate presidents, certainly — and in this they are like my dog — they would be superior to Obama. Alone of the GOP field, Cruz is the guy who could be a game-changer as president. The more the establishment panics the more my optimism grows.


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Before You Watch Dark Net, Make Sure You’ve Seen Deep Web

In January, Showtime will air Dark Net, an eight-part reality show that will "cover deep web topics like bio-hacking, porn addiction, and the webcam sex trade."

From the writeup at The Wrap, it sounds like eight episodes of unrelieved hysteria jacked directly out of Janet Reno's cerebral cortex circa 1995. 

The deep dive will also cover cyber-kidnapping, digital warfare, and online cults. Showtime states the new offering will reveal “a more ominous and disturbing perspective of a digitally connected world where our every action is collected and stored,” a half-hour at a time.

Showtime promises that “Dark Net” will raise “cautionary, thought-provoking conversations about technology, privacy and how new, ever-expanding platforms are changing the way we live for the better and for worse.”

For the better and for worse? I realize the need to sell the sizzle, but Dark Net sounds like it's loaded toward the latter, doesn't it?

Which is to say that Dark Net, despite being produced by the founder of Vocativ (a site that proudly "delivers news from the deep web") doesn't sound terribly original. Finally, a program that tackles online porn addiction, webcam businesss, and online cults! Again, paging Janet Reno.

Which isn't to say you shouldn't bother with Dark Net. It's just that you'd be wise to familiarize yourself with other documentaries of the same virtual space, especially Alex Winter's Deep Web, which debuted earlier this year and explores the world of Bitcoin, hacking, encryption, and related issues through the trial and conviction of Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, the anonymous, extra-legal online market whose growth and success mainstreamed the concept of the dark net.

Judging from the iconography of the two products, it looks like Dark Net has been influenced at least in its graphic sensibilites by Deep Web. Yet from its promotional materials, it seems not to be overly interested in the former's critical-but-not-hysterical engagement with how individuals are using the deep web/dark net to create a world beyond the reach of meatspace regulators who mostly fear everything they don't understand.

Reason's Zach Weissmueller sat down with Winter in August to discuss the life sentence of Ulbricht and other topics. Watch below.


Martin O’Malley Blames Colorado Springs Shooting On ‘Intolerance, Racism, and Hate’

In New Hampshire Sunday night, the three Democrat candidates for President were together again, chumming around at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner and talking about party unity and loving Obama. During the course of the evening, each got up to speak about the various things that Democrats like to hear before coughing up money. Bernie talked about spreading the wealth around, Hillary talked about Hillary, and O’Malley talked about racism.

Racism which somehow carries responsibility for the shooting that took place in Colorado Springs on Friday.

“They are acts motivated by intolerance, racism, and hate,” said O’Malley. “They are, in fact, acts of murder and acts of terror.” That the murders committed in this terror were murders is hardly revelatory (although I thought we were going with “workplace violence” these days, not “terror”). Was this in dispute somewhere? Did someone not think people shot in mass shootings were murdered? The hate one seems pretty obvious too.

The first part of that, though … the intolerance and racism part? Many on Twitter asked exactly what part of the shooting in Colorado was racist, even if one accepts the media’s unilateral declaration that it was absolutely completely and definitely a shooting about hating abortion, it still wouldn’t explain racism. Unless of course one meant the staggering disproportion of black babies that are aborted by the organization each year.

However, it became clear as O’Malley continued, railing against the “immoral” NRA that just wants to “sell” as many guns as they can. He is collecting every incident of someone shooting someone (well .. almost every incident) and balling them up into a group. A related philosophy of hate (read: right-wingery) that boils conveniently down to the three exact words Democrats can’t stop using to describe anything they find unpleasant. Pretty amazing!

So for Democrats, for Martin O’Malley, you can explain any shooting away as part of some big tapestry of racism and hate and of course “intolerance,” because those are the trolls under every bridge of hope to the future, and also the three most common REAL first names of Republicans. Oh and also they are like Abra Cadabra, but for opening Democrat wallets. Which was the purpose of the evening.

By the way all three candidates offered their condolences. Bernie Sanders was kind enough to offer his after stating that we have to protect Planned Parenthood from “vitriolic Republican rhetoric.” Then he stressed how important it is for us to bring Muslims together with us to fight ISIS. Who, you will recall, are not Islamic or the product of vitriolic Islamic rhetoric.

Narrative people.

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Hillary Clinton Proposes $275B in New Federal Infrastructure Spending, New York Times Adele Tweet Yields Controversy, Kobe Bryant to Retire: A.M. Links

  • Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has proposed $275 billion in new federal infrastructure spending.
  • Clashes between police and protesters marked the beginning of the climate conference in Paris, which is being attended by almost 150 world leaders and at which President Obama spoke this morning.
  • Authorities have identified the victims of the shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday.
  • The University of Chicago cancelled classes today after the FBI told the school it had found an anonymous threat made against the school online.
  • The parliament of South Korea approved a free trade deal with China that will go into effect later this year.
  • Readers of The New York Times are upset over a tweet the newspaper sent out referring to singer Adele as a 27-year-old mother.
  • Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant announced he would be retiring at the end of this basketball season.

New at


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Why Does Government Not Know – or Ignore – History?

It’s one of our most oft-cited quotes. George Santayana’s “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The reason it so regularly recirculates is because we far too often fail its tenet. Which is truly sad. Because if you pay attention to the past – you can make some reasonable, rudimentary predictions about the future. And avoid a whole lot of completely unnecessary errors.

As predictable as the sun rising in the east and water being wet – is government stinking on ice at everything it attempts to do. We have more than a century of such evidence just here in the United States. The Soviet Union and its many satellites were a 20th Century-long global visual aide of government gone wrong. Then there are the juxtapositions. East Berlin vs. West Berlin, North Korea vs. South Korea. There is millennium more evidence – for those who care to remember the past.

Sadly, far too many Leftists instead adhere to the Shampoo Principle: Lather, rinse, REPEAT.

Which brings us to this pathetic “news” retread: “‘Needless Experiment': Cities Weigh Gov’t-Backed Broadband, Critics See Tax $$ at Risk.” Wherein we learn local governments all across America are ramping up plans to use our money – to try to be Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Seton Motley | Red State |

Yet again. Because local governments have already tried being ISPs. The 2000s were rife with their attempts. Shocker – the results were disastrous. A particularly pernicious example was Provo, Utah’s “UTOPIA”: “UTOPIA…was conceived in 2002 as a local government-managed alternative to commercial cable, telco and satellite broadband and has struggled ever since….As of late 2012, the agency was $120 million in the red and had fewer than 10,000 customers.”

But fret not – President Barack Obama uber-crony Google made out like a bandit: “Provo, Utah…ultimately…sold to Google for a whopping $1.” For everyone else – a woeful misadventure. For which all of Utah must pay: “Residents of 11 Utah cities would be billed as much as $20 a month, as part of a plan to salvage the state’s once-heralded UTOPIA fiber optic network.”

Twenty states decided Santayana-style to learn from this past – and passed laws limiting their local governments’ ability to engage in this folly. But as history teaches us, President Barack Obama cares not a whit for the past – or the rule of law.

Despite this decade of failure, the President signed the horrendous 2009 “Stimulus” – which contained $7.2 billion for more such local government nightmare messes. But those twenty state-outliers remained a thorn in President Obama’s federal UTOPIA side – so in February his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unilaterally threw out their laws. Despite having zero authority to do so. Because that’s what this Administration does.

So this latest administration absurdity is indeed a “needless experiment.” Just as the 2009 Internet “Stimulus” was. Unnecessary errors piled on top of unnecessary errors. Government-as-ISP has time and again been a dismal disaster. But there is no amount of history the Left won’t ignore – so as to continue to inexorably grow government.

Again, this is why the late George Santayana is so often re-cited.

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Washington Post: The Problem Is Not Selling Baby Parts, But Exposing The Selling Of Baby Parts

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Florida Cops Shut Down Old Ladies’ Mahjong Game

Police in Altamonte Springs, Florida, recently raided a friendly mahjong game played by four little old ladies in a condominium clubhouse. But Lt. Robert Pelton, spokesman for the Altamonte Springs Police Department, wants you to know the incident was not as bad as it sounds.

First of all, none of the perpetrators, who ranged in age from 87 to 95, was arrested. Second, local cops understand that there is nothing illegal about mahjong per se. The state of Florida even allows people to play mahjong (along with poker, pinochle, bridge, rummy, canasta, hearts, and dominoes)  for money—up to a point. The problem, as Pelton explained to the Orlando Weekly, was that the pot for the Altamonte game had been known to exceed the $10 limit set by state law:

According to Pelton, some of the games being played at Escondido were being advertised and had become quite popular, and as a result, the pot had grown beyond that $10 limit. So police had to take action—but he says it was an educational action, not a punitive one....

"Our investigators had a good, informative meeting with them, telling them the way they can continue to legally have these games," Pelton says. "If you allow a pot to go over a certain amount, or if the house collects a portion of the pot, it's illegal, etc." 

Police had to take action. If the cops had allowed elderly mahjong players to win more than $10 at a time, middle-aged poker players might think they could get away with the same sort of thing. What a terrifying world that would be.

According to Heritage Florida Jewish News, which originally reported the story, the police department's "educational action," which was prompted by a tip from a busybody in the condominium complex, included several more visits to the clubhouse by cops who "came by to make sure the ladies weren't in there playing their beloved game." For weeks the management of the complex instructed the women to refrain from playing mahjong in the clubhouse at all, even without wagering, just to be on the safe side.

The games have since resumed, but Lee Delnick, Bernice Diamond, Helen Greenspan, and Zelda King have been put on notice: While a mahjong game with a $10 pot is harmless fun, adding one more penny to the pot makes their pastime a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and two months in jail. 

"They were upset because some neighbors called the police, and then we got called out to be the bad guys, but by no means is that true," Pelton told the Orlando Weekly. "It's a small community, a retirement community, and not all of the neighbors get along. For us, it wasn't that we were going out there to make arrests and charge people." This time.

[Thanks to Robert Woolley for the tip.]


Good News: Holding The World Under 2C May Destroy Economies

Or require the use of future technologies that haven’t been invented yet. So, essentially, economic doom or unicorns, as the Washington Post’s hyper-Warmist Chris Mooney inadvertently tells us, in regards


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Obama Insists ‘We Have to Do Something’ About Mass Shootings but Can’t Say What or Why It Would Work

After Friday's mass shooting at a shopping center in Colorado Springs, President Obama issued his usual vague call for more gun control:

This is not normal. We can't let it become normal. If we truly care about this—if we're going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience—then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.

We have to do something, the president says. But what exactly? It is not surprising that Obama did not bother to address that question, because there is no good answer to it.

According to people who knew him, Robert Dear, the man arrested for killing three people and injuring nine in last week's attack, was an eccentric, off-putting loner with anger issues. But he apparently did not have the sort of criminal or psychiatric record that would have prevented him from legally buying a gun. 

In 1997, The New York Times reports, Dear's then-wife "told the police that he had locked her out of her home and had 'hit her and pushed her out the window' when she tried to climb in." She did not pursue charges against him but "wanted something on record of this incident occurring." Five years later Dear was arrested "after a neighbor told the police that he had hidden in the bushes in an attempt to peer into her house." The charge against him was dropped. That seems to be the full extent of Dear's criminal record, which means he was never convicted of a felony or of a misdemeanor involving domestic violence.

It also looks like Dear never underwent court-ordered psychiatric treatment. NBC News reports that "there would have been nothing apparent in Dear's background—including a felony conviction or previous mental health issue—that would have disqualified him" from buying firearms. That means stronger enforcement of current restrictions on gun ownership, including the "universal background checks" that Obama supports, could not have prevented Dear's attack, as is typically the case with mass shootings.

What about imposing new restrictions on gun ownership? It is bad enough that current law disarms millions of Americans who would never have used a gun to harm anyone, including illegal drug users and people convicted of nonviolent felonies. It would be even worse to start stripping people of their Second Amendment rights based on unproven allegations of domestic violence or other antisocial behavior, let alone general creepiness. 

An even less promising approach would be to focus on the particular weapon that Dear used, which NBC describes as an "AK-47-style" rifle. Although Obama referred to "weapons of war" and various news accounts erroneously described the gun as an "assault rifle" (which by definition is capable of automatic fire), it was actually a so-called assault weapon (a term Obama also used), an arbitrary category defined by military-style features that do not make a firearm any more lethal in the hands of a mass shooter. Dear could have done the same damage with an ordinary hunting rifle. That means reinstating the federal "assault weapon" ban, which Obama also favors, would not have made a difference in this case, even if the law ordered the confiscation of all the military-style rifles already in circulation.

The Times describes Obama as increasingly exasperated by Congress's refusal to enact the gun controls he supports. Some of us are increasingly exasperated by Obama's failure to elucidate any logical connection between those measures and the crimes they supposedly would prevent.


Book: Bill Clinton tried to seduce Jackie Kennedy at her New York apartment’

There’s a new book…making NOISE, that is claiming some CRAZY things, that are likely to be of them being..Bill Clinton trying to seduce Jackie Kennedy in her apartment…THIS is